No Minimum Mortgage Lender in Wisconsin

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Hey guys,

I'm looking at a couple properties in the Lake Delton and Baraboo areas. The properties I'm am looking at are under $100k are habitable but need work.

Does anyone have any experience working with lenders that fund properties under $100k?


I've had buyers use both Daniel Harkins @ Fairway Mortgage and Josey Cabaj @ Guild Mortgage (both in Baraboo). Let them know I sent you :)

Daniel - DHarkins AT

Josey - jcabaj AT

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@Jeffrey Zientara. Most small banks will do in-house/Commercial, or construction financing, and then you can go secondary market after 6 mo. (Vested in your personal name) as long as it’s over $50k, but the low dollar ones the cost may be prohibitive to go secondary, you can just do a commercial note with a balloon as long as you keep your LTV low to insulate from a downturn.

Different train of thought, but Milwaukee Hard Money will loan down to $25,000. It is hard money though so if BRRRing you'll need to get over 50k and go to conventional. Chase bank will do $50k