AmeriHome Mortgage won't recognize my insurance

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I have a condo that is mortgaged through AmeriHome Mortgage as of two months ago.  I purchased full dwelling coverage for this unit through a large reputable insurance company. Last month, I received a letter from AmeriHome, stating that my insurance is not satisfactory and they will be providing their own expensive insurance if I do not correct the issue.

I called customer service and they advised that the problem is that I have a condo, but I have not provided proof of "blanket coverage" from the condo association.  I explained that my condo unit is a detached, freestanding dwelling and it has no shared walls or roofs, therefore there is no blanket coverage from the association.  They made a note, and asked me to allow 48 hours for review.

I called back a few days later, and I got the same endless circle of demands, that I need proof of blanket coverage.  I re-submitted my policy along with a letter from my insurance agent explaining the situation.  Please allow 48 hours for review.

I called back. Same problem. So I sent the HOA docs, which explains the insurance responsibilities. I asked to speak to the person who is in charge of making this decision and I was told that they don't communicate directly with the insurance review team, they only leave notes for them. Please allow 48 hours for review.

I am calling back Thursday and I fully expect to get the run-around again.  How would you get through this issue before they purchase their own expensive plan?  I am starting to get a tad frustrated. 

Lawyer time.

If you really want to try it yourself, try


But don't use any of the online templates for a QWR. Most of the online templates are "sea lawyer" junk and ask for a bunch of irrelevant stuff that allows the loan servicer off the hook because the templates are "frivolous" in nature.

But, really, it's lawyer time.

Most condo have insurance through HOA, even your unit is detached. Unless you pay lower HOA due than you attached neighbors. This is quite unusual.