Recommendation for BRRRR refinance company

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Folks, I just completed the rehab of my first BRRRR and am looking for a recommendation on a good refinance company. Credit is not a problem, I'm just looking for a low-rate on a 30-yr loan. Any help is appreciated!


@Alex Thibau

@Erick M.

I am glad to answer any financing questions that you have on refinancing with the BRRR strategy.

Hey @Alex Thibau -- you have options with non-bank & conventional lenders, it just depends on your other characteristics as a borrower. As far as non-bank lenders go you can do a 70% - 80% LTV cash-out refi on a 30 yr fixed rate based on the property's cash-flow and your personal income or DTI will not come into play. Rates vary but can be as long as 5-5.5% on a refi.