Switching from a Private loan to owner occupied

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Hello.. There is a property I’m Interested in acquiring via auction however, I intend on purchasing this property with a private money lender.. With intent to rent out.. If I cannot find a tenant or I need to share the space in the future can I refinance into a owner occupied loan?

@Simon Ruiz   Generally most private lenders give funds to non-owner occupied income-producing assets. In the event, you occupy the property as a primary residence; that situation changes.  

Maybe you can get an owner-occupied bank loan to start with as an option? OR use private money and then get a bank loan; before you move in?

@Saravanan Saravanan Because the property will be acquired through an auction I will not have access to traditional loans... Owner occupied is out of the question from the start at least... your second option seems most likely...   

@Simon Ruiz one of the many uses of HML is to buy the property (quickly) and use this funding as a bridge loan while you seek conventional funding, it's also easier on the pocket as you only need to pay monthly interest.

PM I can walk you through some sample scenarios.