Highest LTV on HELOC for investment property

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Hello BP,

I have recently stabilized one of my rental unit with tenant moved in, now I am looking to do a HELOC since the rate is pretty low. The property is located in Maryland, anyone has recommendation for a lender can offer HELOC with 80 percent or more LTV? I am looking to free up the cash to prepare for the next deal. Thank you.


I've been searching for non-owner occupied HELOCs, since they are as rare as hen's teeth.  Start with TD Bank, if you have one, or PenFed.

Americafirst 80% LTV on noo 65% LTV 15 year 5.74%, Utah

Arvest Bank

East West Bank, up to 60% LTV with "no docs”

First Florida Credit Union (Jacksonville area)

Hurst Lending and Insurance Investment property HELOC in Texas. No seasoning.

Key Bank, flexible lender, HELOCs on second homes and rental properties.


LendingTree is a broker, connects you with multiple loan providers, some sub prime. 3 to 5 week for underwriting is a long time.

TD Bank

Tower FCU, all states except TX, max 45 DTI, green card ok. Max of three rental properties.


Union Bank, specializes in noo HELOC

US Bank


@YiBing T. you have some good suggestions above but Bigger Pockets also has good state forums too.  Feel free to post in the Maryland forum and it's likely that some good local people will be able to help out.  Also, have you visited any Real Estate Investment groups in your area?  Might be another good idea as well.  

@Kerry Baird this is awesome! thanks for the list. i laughed at your comment about how rare NOO HELOCs are. That is so very true. Been looking for quite a while. This list will definitely help.

@Andrew Postell , is there a way to search for a forum? I see that I can post to my state's forum, but I can't search the forum to find previous postings. 

@Ashley Wynn Hmm, I've actually never tried to search a forum before.  I have searched google and had some bigger pockets articles come up.  Maybe just try to google with "Bigger Pockets" and see what comes up?

Wow, thank you for the feedback everyone. I have been calling around our local credit unions, still calling to find a decent one that can partner with investors. :)