Is this Real Gap Funding?

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I contacted this company that provides unsecured gap funding for 3-7 years, no pre-payment penalty after 6 months, 20k - 400k loan amounts and you need a 600+ credit score. Their cut is 15% up front once the loan is funded.  That's for submitting your application to their private network.  That's a ton of cash simply to submit paperwork.  Essentially they send all your docs to their private partners of 220 investors and institutions to fund your deal.

Example: $100k loan 

Rand Capital - 20k for 3 years @ 14.7%

Larry Capital Holding - 50k for 4 years @ 10.8%

Air and Space Capital - 30k for 5 years @ 16.2%

You'll need to pay each loan individually.

It sounds to good to be true and sounds outrageous at the same time.  What are your thoughts, would you do it?

I am trying to figure out whether to do this also. So I'm following this thread! (The company I have been in communication with and considering using is MB Capital, I really do like the people I've spoken with there so far.)