Fair Hard Money Lenders in Ohio

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Hello 👋 everyone!

Ok so I’m currently doing 4 flips in different parts of Ohio as I write this (October 10th 2019)

We have a very good process at getting great deals.

But... here is why I’m writing this. I need some help because I’m stuck!

I need help as I need to get more cash to close more deals.

My issues are.

1. I’m Canadian so I can’t pull any money out of any rental properties own so they are all owned free and clear. (5 in Ohio, 2 more in Florida)

I really want to take advantage of the BRRR process but can't get money out. (Any help out there ?)

2. I want would like to show a good rate hard money lender what I’ve done and I’m hoping they will want to provide loans at a fair rate so we can flip all the deals we have.

Does anyone know anyone that can actually help. I asked something similar years back here an lender just wanted to me fill out application for then deny me in the end anyway because i’m Canadian and they were trying to get personal guarantees and all kinds of other stuff.

I’m really doing deals, I’m really selling properties, I’m really wholesaling, I’m really flipping properties and I’m looking for someone who can actually help.

If anyone can help I very much appreciate it

Some lenders will do a cash out refi on foreign nationals. They are going to really cap you out on LTV so this could make your loan amount too small. What are the values of the properties?