Financing Largo Florida

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I would complete a quick google search for local credit unions and competitive rates. Also, keep in mind you should consider which type of loan you are seeking to better understand the guidelines.  

@Rick Klopp  if you know the product you need but just need it in a specific state try posting in that state forum. Bigger Pockets has some great state forums and usually there are good locals that monitor those. Also, try some local real estate meetup groups. is a good resource for those but some post here on Bigger Pockets too.  Hope this helps in some way.

@Raymond J. Rodrigues more than likely. Most of our SFR loans have 10 year amortization schedules with a 5 year ballon. Currently we are discussing acquisitions with MidFlorida and Republic Bank. I see that you are a lender in the Miami area - maybe we can talk later about our real estate objectives and related financing requirements. Thanks.

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