Cash Out Refinance vs Heloc

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I bought a property in February for 39k. I have the property rehabbed and have a good tenant in place. I want to refinance to pull out cash to buy another property. I have tried several banks today and they are giving me crazy high interest rates and huge closing cost..I have a local bank wanting to do a heloc and assume my first mortage but idk if that would be a good idea or not...

Home value now 85k


Hey @Joe Taylor I'm going through the refinancing process now as well. It just depends on the rates the banks are charging and the LTV they allow. I've found commercial lenders (small banks) to be the most lenient and allow better LTV's with varying terms. If the HELOC has a good rate and LTV then that may be better as it would require alot less in closing costs and hassle.

@Joe Taylor - Unfortunately closing costs are always pretty high, mainly because you have to prepay taxes, insurance + legal and transfer fees. I would keep calling around. You should be able to get 80% LTV with a rate around 5%. Smaller credit unions will usually only charge you a point to do the loan as well. I wouldn't pay more than that

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