Best loan options for a portfolio of 14 rentals

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I need help with finding a loan solution for a 14 residential houses portfolio that I’m trying to purchase. I have the funds for 20% just looking for ideas and referrals of a good bank that can help me create one loan for all the properties.The loan should be around 700,000. Thanks so much in advance I really appreciate the help

@Ozzy Llanes we have found success with a local bank. Pay a little more in rate but the flexibility in structure is worth it. They helped us with one solid note and a LOC that has allowed us to be nimble and close on new properties with cash quick. I strongly advise you finding a local and making it a relationship.

Be sure to check on whether or not you will be able to sell off individual properties later on. The banks may have different descriptions for this. I believe that one is the "acceleration clause" but maybe other folks can chime in here to explain that better.

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