Hard Money in Vermont

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@Casey Richards Welcome to BP Casey! I don't know of any HML's in VT, but if you're planning on keeping the property as a rental, check with some of the local banks in the area. I've heard good things about the National Bank of Middlebury, check if they lend in Rutland county. Also try posting on the VT REI group, it should come up if you do a search on this site.

Good luck!

- Tom

Try Hard Money Bankers. I'm not affiliated with them, but they are friends of mine. I'm pretty sure they do.

Good luck!

@Casey Richards have you tried posting in the Vermont forum?  Admittedly, it might not be as active as other forums but there still might be a chance there.

  1. Post in the Bigger Pockets STATE forum that you are looking in. There are usually some good, local investors that monitor those forums. Maybe they already have a suggestion or recommendation for you? Certainly try there.
  2. Visit your local REI groups. There are many groups that meet across the country. Some post here on Bigger Pockets. Many post on meetup.com. Networking is always a great practice and you never know who you might meet there and what good information they have to share. Would certainly recommend visiting if one is close to you.

Hi Amber... no I didn't find anything that worked for me. 11Capital had some mild success with a company called Global Capital, but we got tripped up on their high "experience" requirement in order to make a loan. Ultimately, I went with the local credit union.

Recently I've seen stuff from FOACommerical.com that says they work in Vermont. Next time I am looking for funding I plan to look into them further.