Obtaining a NMLS license in NY

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I want to obtain my NMLS license in New York (where I live) because I would like to transition from working in retail to getting into the banking industry and working as a mortgage loan officer/originator.

I found a program on YouTube but they charge $380. Found books on Amazon for $50 under. But I am mostly a visual learner/audio learner at most.

Any ideas?

@Arty Fresh you should be able to do a quick google search to find training.  I would 100%, absolutely, without hesitation suggest taking the course in person.  Meaning, in a classroom with a live person and students with you.  Usually $400 is about the going rate...but in person training passes a SIGNIFICANTLY higher rate than online training.  The test is pretty challenging.

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@Eli Lederman, some employers require you to have a license from what I see in the job postings

 I think Eli meant, call some places you may want to work, and ask what courses they recommend.

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@Scott Wolf oh ok. Well there is only one license required to be a MLO and that's the nmls license

Good luck buddy.