Hard Money - Need funding!! California

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Hey all!

I'm looking at buying a rehab project, but unfortunately due to the amount of homes on my credit file (and proximity of rehab project to his existing homes), I wouldn't qualify for another loan (not a 100%)

From what I've read, most hard money folks top out at 70-75%.


380K Loan amount
35K in rehab
ARV is 510-520K(
*Not sure how to factor in hard money points and holding costs (3 mos mortgage), but I figure approx walking away with 30-40K.
(70% of 520K is 364K)

Again, I'm trying to do this at 100% LTV. I have the rehab money, so I wouldn't need to factor that in.

Let me ask you this - with hard money points AND through the roof rates, is there room even to make money with this?


Hey there just came across your posting here and I think I can help you out and would love to help you. So shoot me an e-mail and we can get started. Also let me do the math and research and when you e-mail me back I'll let you know if it's possible to make some money!

The "comfort zone" for the majority of ARV based hard money lenders is 65-70 ARV...75 ARV is achievable, but some of the investors require cash in on the deal...


Scott Miller