April FOOLS MLS in March

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How is this even possible? Look at the MLS stats for March 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida? If this was your only data, you would think we are doing well.

I doubt April's data will look like this!

Listing - flat 

Prices - up 

Price by volume  - up


Anyone else have March MLS Stats from thier city?

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Hey @Lesley Resnick!  If you pull showing stats out of ShowingTime, our numbers are way off versus the previous 2 weeks YoY.



I suppose that won't necessarily mean that pending deals will be down in the coming 30-45 days... But, where there's smoke, there's fire usually.

I completely agree that all indicators are heading down.  My point is how quickly it all changed.  You make a good point that most retail transactions are 30-45 days and the real drop may be after that time.


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Your graphic isn't displaying so I can't see what you're referring to.

What browser are you using?

I posted it using safari.   

Look at Florida and how fast this is moving now....another 1,000 cases in 1 day in Florida. The deaths are also rising daily. The models show Florida peaking May 3, but this is going to be a scary month and I do not expect a lot of great things out of the real estate market when people are scared for their health. Sellers will not want people in their houses and buyers will have a hard time selling their old homes, if they have a job. I agree about credit scores staying up. Pay your debts, if you can, do not let them languish. 

@Jack Bobeck When looking yesterday, it appeared the number of daily cases in Florida had been trending down for 2-3 days. Hospitalizations has been down trending for 4-5 days. The bigger threat now (based on the opinion of the only actual epidemiologist I know) is the damage from shutting the economy down. Something like 40 jobs lost per diagnosed case. Getting back to work as quickly as possible is now the goal. IMHO

@Jeff Riber From the data I have seen (Florida only, where I am)  On 3/29 there were 896 new cases, then 3/30 870, then 3/31 937, then 4/1 853, I don't really see a whole lot of levelling off. The Gov just closed the state basically with a stay at home order. They have better data than all of us and it must be that they see April as being brutal. You can see what I see here. All from the Florida Department of Health

If there is good news, only 10.9% of all tests have found people with the virus, so a bit of sunshine in the sunshine state.