I am rookie, This will be my 1st deal. I just purchased my first investment property which need 15k of work (3bd 1 bath & 915 sf). I have good credit 780, an a local credit union approve me for two type of credit for the rehad cost. Personal line of credit an a HLOC in a form of a 2nd mortgage both for 10,000 basically. They approved me for 15,000 of the HLOC but I didn't realized I owned 5k of a new home owner loan when i first brought my home. So its basically 10,000 after paying back the 5k 2nd mortgage. The 5k would be forgiven if I stay in the home for 10 years an I been here 5 already. The person line of credit act's like a credit card which hurt my credit score if I max it out, an I need to max it out. So this question is what is the best rout in getting rehad cost?