$3M Hard Money Loan for Investment property

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I know lending times are very tough right now and hard money was hit hard too. Are there any hard money or private money lenders offering 75 LTV right now for an investment purchase? Any that will allow seller carry as well? Properties are in southern CA. Any help is appreciated. Loan amounts are in the $3M range.

Thank you!!

Reach out Austin Szlendak at Lendinghome, he may be able to help.  Austin is smart & does not waste time; we have a $2M line with them.  

Just a reminder to people responding that it is against the rules to offer lending or promote yourself as a lender in the standard forums. It is ok to recommend someone if you are not affiliated with that company.

There is also a directory of hard money lenders on this website. Click on Network on the menu bar, then select Hard Money Lenders. 

I'm assuming at 3M it must be a 5+ unit property. Your best best might be to speak with the commercial arms of local banks for the best terms and also to work out the seller financing piece

@Moises R Cosme thank you for your knowledge in this post. I recently reached out to lendinghome. My issue is that they require a 6 month seasoning. I would like to use the brrrr method. Any advice?


I have done a few BRRR, here was my process:

1. Purchase distressed with hard money

2. Renovate with hard money (our average rehab takes 90+ days)

3. I then hold for additional 60 days, apply for a personal mortgage & refi out

BRRR is not a quick strategy (relatively speaking). If you refinance out with a USDA loan you may be able to avoid the 6 month's of seasoning, I just did a rehab a couple of months ago and sold it to a couple using USDA; USDA had no seasoning requirement. USDA loans are for rural areas BUT you would be surprised what they consider rural; the USDA route is the best I can think of to get around the seasoning period.

I hope this helps.