Finding Buyers in Raleigh, NC

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What is the best way to find local buyers? I am trying to get connected so that when I have a deal I can easily notify those who may be interested. I've tried using Propstream but haven't had luck finding buyers that way.

The "best" way to find buyers... become a real estate agent, specifically a buyer's broker. Buyers will come to you day and night looking for property.

The upside to this scheme is that retail buyers will be abundant. The downside to this arrangement is that if you are trying to scalp cash as a middle man/woman, the terrain is tough. Another perceived downside: as a straight broker your commission will be limited to buyer's broker commissions, which will be 2.0% to 2.4% for your BIC. Maybe half of that will end up for you. The good thing is that I've know (actually still know) people who have made six figure incomes using this technique, meaning becoming a buyer's broker. So maybe this is an upside not a downside. 

As I used to say 20, 10, 5 years ago, the serious buyers are at the courthouse for every auction. As I posted a decade ago, the buyers contact info is at the courthouse. Back in the day, I'd get a list of 30 in 15 minutes, 25 people if I eliminated myself and people I knew... 

Thanks! I appreciate your response. I really don't have the time or patience to get my RE license. But, going to auctions is a great idea! Well, it will be great once COVID has passed. Thanks again!