What's going on everyone? Hope you all are stay safe and healthy during these crazy times!

I'm looking to refinance a property of ours, but unfortunately NON QM is either non existent or super expensive due to COVID. Even when I had a W2 income, I preferred NON QM lenders because I was able to get higher LTV's and seasoning was never an issue. We use a lot of hard money so NON QM was perfect to the speed of the transaction, in and out!

I went full time in real estate October 2019 so I no longer have W2 income. I'd love to take advantage of these low rates at the moment, but its proving difficult because I don't have that W2 income anymore and NON QM doesn't seem like a viable route at the moment.

Has anyone here been in my position before? If so, how did you go about solving this issue? Any lenders out there that anyone could recommend for someone in this position?

Thank you all in advance!