Owner Occupant Loans for Real Estate Agents

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Hey all! I'm considering a career change to become a Real Estate Agent. I'm wondering if anyone can share some insight as to how this will affect getting mortgage loans both in the first year as well as in future years. My current plan is to start with an LLC then eventually move to an S-Corp.

For a bit of additional background info that may also Influence a loan- I am currently house hacking and cash flow about $1100 per month (with leases in place) and also work part time as a Property Manager as a 1099 employee. I'm looking to get another owner occupied loan for house hack #2 in the near future.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight!

New Realtors generally cannot get mortgages for 2 tax years following the transition. If those first two years aren't really great years (as is normal for a new business), it can becomes 3 or 5 years.