Any recommendations for a mortgage broker in San Antonio?

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I am seeking a mortgage broker who also invests in San Antonio. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of leg work and credit checks for me. This will be my second rental. I intend to purchase a small multi family.

I can google but rather see if anyone on here has some experience with a good one locally. Thanks in advance.

@Latoya T. You don't necessarily need a mortgage broker that is an investor. You need one that is investor friendly! In other words, one that doesn't have to follow a bunch of rules and requisites.

I used (You get a discount if you are Pro member, it used to be $1000). They did a decent job but had to do 25% down.

Guaranteed rate let me do 20% down only and were pretty investor friendly. I felt their costs were a little high but it might be just what you are looking for.

DO NOT USE: rocketmortgage or any of the big banks if you want investor friendly mortgages. If it is for your primary residence then go for it. They provide very cheap loans.