100% Financing Business Loans

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Hey everyone! Im 19 years old and I have my eyes on a card system laundromat for sale in Philadelphia. The business has really strong numbers and I think it can yield a great return for both me and the lender. The problem is I just started my RE investment company in September and I dont have any financial history for the business but my credit is good. Also with being 19, I dont have 10% down for a loan. Does anyone know any Lenders in South Jersey or Pennsylvania that does 100% financing?

@Quintin Green youre on the right track. In commercial real estate its all about your track record, the longer you've been in business and can show a long term growth and stable financial state, the better you'll do.

Especially with conventional lending institutions you'll be hard pressed to find a lender to "bet their luck" on a highly motivated youngster with no experience and financials.

With that being said, IT CAN BE DONE! But you may want to look into getting a stable partner to play off of and show to the banks.

@Quintin Green HML is primarily for real estate. You may want to look into an SBA loan or commercial loan since you are essentially buying a business. That way they can actually look at the annual receipts/sales from the business and take that into account. There may be some options there for more financing.