Bank loan terms, privacy concern

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Are these terms normal for a lender to perform refinance? I'm picky about giving out broad approvals to use my information for any purpose that isn't specifically bound by purpose or time. The lender claims they cannot perform the loan unless I sign this (of course!). I was thinking maybe they are using this to sell my information to some third parties they claim are "investors." They've told me they intend to immediately sell off to Fannie and Freddie which are government entities. I've already directly signed the release agreement with my mortgage co and title co. The loan is basically ready to be completed and they are not giving me any specific thing or person they need access to. Don't I have a right to know who they are doling out my personal info to? Do people just sign the line and not care about privacy anymore?

Standard form. 

Google search "Borrowers' Certification and Authorization."

Provided you do not need a mortgage, there is no need to sign it. 

@Leland Smith unfortunately privacy laws in the US are awful. Some banks are better than others, but it is quite standard these days. In the end, they need the flexibility to be able to manage, sell, and market your account.