Banks/Credit Unions that offer 1st-Lien HELOCs on rentals

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I am refinancing my current 30-year mortgage to an All-in-One loan which acts like a HELOC in 1st lien position. I find that this type of loan/line works better for my scenario and needs. I am not trying to debate the pros and cons of All-in-One vs 30-year fixed. All in one would suit some borrowers and the traditional 30-year fixed loan would suit some.

However, the lender that I am going with for my primary house AIO loan, CMG financials, doesn't offer AIO loans for investment properties (Even if they do, there is a limit of max 1 or 2 AIO loans per borrower).

I hold 2(soon to be 3) rental properties free and clear and I would like to setup similar AIO loans for these rental properties. I understand that bulk of my extra idle money will go into my primary house HELOC. I plan to open the rental HELOCs that give me the much-needed cash when I need it and channel each house's rent into its own HELOC to repay/bring down the interest faster if I draw on the HELOC.

Could you recommend any banks, credit unions and lending groups that offer HELOC 1st lien on investment properties? I hold my properties in AL and plan to expand to other states. I am looking forward to get any references for lenders that do this in multiple states or Alabama or nationally.

I contacted Ridge Lending Group in Portland, OR - They have suspended this at the moment and they expect to offer it sometime next year.