Happy Saturday everyone! 

I'm in contract on two duplexes, cash offer. They're both in good shape and will not require much rehab.

I want to finance them after closing to pull as much cash as I can back out, and I have a few banks who will do the typical 80% LTV financing for commercial lending (I'm putting these in an LLC). But, I got a solid deal on them and these lenders use the lower of appraisal or purchase price. I could wait 6 months and try to get a mortgage for the appraised price, but I'd rather not rely on that if there's another option - especially one without a 6 month seasoning period.

What creative methods/loans/banks have you used to get to get > 80%+ LTV for a buy & hold? (Hopefully, at reasonable rates, too - might as well shoot for the moon! Haha)