I'm looking to get started in real estate investing, I have ballpark net worth of $150k, basically no debt at the moment, and have been trying to figure out the best way to make a first investment with the longterm goal of acquiring more properties and eventually making this my main source of income (currently I have a full time job), these would be buy and hold investments for cash flow primarily. I had been looking at buying very low cost properties with cash (under $50k) and then trying to do cash out refi's to pull cash out to buy more properties but the more I talk with lenders the more difficult this route seems. So now I am also thinking about buying at a higher price point using a loan. Ideally I would like to do everything through an LLC so am trying to figure out what is the ideal price point for a property where I could secure a loan through an LLC that I own (I have good personal credit so my understanding is that I can use this initially until my LLC has it's own credit rating). Would I be wanting to look at houses around $75k? Higher? Also, if it were $75k this would be in an area where houses around that price range are common. These would be houses that need minimal work, so move in ready or possibly ones that already have tenants in place. Any info is greatly appreciated.