Cash-Out REFI Loan to Value too low

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My husband and I are looking to do a cash-out REFI on our primary residence.  We bought in a beach community at the Jersey Shore and the real estate market has appreciated substantially.  We are at a high interest rate on our current mortgage so it's worth doing this REFI and also pulling out some cash to invest in property down South. 
Just hung up with a local lender here, and he's telling me that "because of the virus" the loan to value ratio is only 70%.  Seems really low! I thought worst case scenario would be 75%....was hoping to land more around 85% especially given that it's a local lender. Anyone else currently finding this while doing Cash-Out Refi on a primary home or investment property?

Hey @Jessica Amoroso

Got a house down in Ocean City too! To set some expectations, 85% def sounds high though. 70-75% sounds about right. I am a lender in the Philly and Jersey area. If you want to hop on a quick call to see if I can help, let me know.