Non Traditional, Self-Employed-Friendly Lenders for Re-Fi's?

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I am looking for recommendations on a non-traditional (ie doesn't have to follow FM/FM guidelines) lender. Looking to possibly re-fi a few properties, both multi-family and primary residence, to get into lower interest rates but what we have to show as income is not going to meet traditional guidelines. LTV will be low, but need a lender who will not require 2+ years of strong tax returns from self-employed. Any suggestions please?

In general:

Most hard money lenders will not lend on primary residences.

And they will usually only ask for tax returns if you are owner-occupying a commercial space. In other words, if you are your own tenant, running your business out of a commercial property that you own - then the tax returns for the business are relevant.

If you have regular tenants, then your tax returns are normally not required.