MCM capital vs Dominion vs Coast2coast

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I have these 3 lenders to choose from at the moment, leaning towards MCM right now. Terms are all pretty similar. Anyone have a preference or experience with any of them?

Updated 5 months ago

Found out coast2coast not licensed in my state. It looks like it's mcm vs dominion.

Originally posted by @Geri DiVita :

update please, I am looking at Dominon too.

Hi Geri, so coast2coast could only close in Kentucky under an LLC(which I'm not using). Dominion had a slightly better rate than mcm, but they don't allow seller concessions, which as I'm trying to scale, I'm wanting to finance closing costs every chance I get. So I am going to be using mcm, they've been incredibly responsive and friendly and I've really enjoyed the process up to this point. I'm currently under contract on a property so I will update you once we close.

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