Is the Mortgage numbers in Rental Property calculator accurate?

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I'm trying to learn to evaluate a deal by playing around with numbers with bunch of properties. 
I've noticed that the mortgage amount on BiggerPockets is always lower than number generated by . 
Do you know if one is more reliable than the other? (I've been using the same numbers, same interests, etc) 

Anyone else did that compare and noticed the gap? I'm personally getting 208.64 difference for those numbers:

- Mortgage 1496.64

- BiggerPocket report: 1288.30

Here is the BiggerPocket Rental report for the simulation:

1839 Azalea Ave, Winter Park, Florida, 32789


@Sandro Tchikovani the principal and interest amount should be almost identical but some calculators add in insurance and taxes that can vary widely between different areas so the calculators rely on your input.