How to find legit lenders rv glamping site in NY

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We are working on our first niche rv park development and would like to avoid scammers. How do you go about this? 

We have the land under contract and already got zoning board approval through a special permit and a variance.

Hoping to avoid silly mistakes.

I'm already getting scam calls and I have no idea how they are finding me.

Advice needed :O)


@Keva Niver , I'd love to know how the scammers find us - it's never ended.  It's likely they have found your information through the permitting process.  My guess is that because you may have to post the variance publicly, they have your information?  Just a guess.

For a lender, give the local banks in the area a call.  Many times the local banks and credit unions are looking for opportunities and are often aggressive.  Hope it goes well for you!

@Keva Niver yeah, this certainly sounds like a local lender situation.  Also, this forum is more for residential lending...I mean, you can leave this here but there is a commercial forum that I think you would get more responses in.  Also, the New York forum is pretty active.  Maybe some locals there have some suggestions.  Try there as well.