Share how you financed your first 5 (or more) properties.

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Would love to hear your specific experience financing your first 5 properties. My fiance and I just purchased our first property (2 units) with an FHA loan and we are house hacking for the minimum required owner occupancy. We put him on the loan alone so that I could also qualify for an FHA loan once I file 2021 taxes and have 2 full years of income from my W2. I'm now a licensed Realtor but I'm keeping my W2 job just to have the income on paper for another purchase. Thinking about purchasing another duplex this winter with 25% down? Would love to hear your story and I'm open to any advice. Here are a few goals of ours:

- 3 more purchases in 2022

- a more permanent primary residence in the next 2 years

- out of state Airbnb property in the next 2-3 years

- considering short term flips (he is a carpenter) for quick profit to reinvest but our primary goal is buy and hold. Turnkey or BRRRR

Hey Jenna,

My first properties were purchased with with:

1) 20% down owner occupied conventional
2) 25% conventional 
3) 5% down FHA owner occupied

As for future purchases, I plan to use another FHA loan when the time is right. Similar to you, the first FHA loan was put in my wife's name and I will use the other. You mentioned an out of state Air BNB, that is also on our list. We plan to use a second home loan 10% down program.

Now that I am a more savvy investor and have a bit more experience under my belt, I am planning to acquire future property without going 25% down. Options such as partnering, seller financing and other creative methods are more possible now that I have a better grasp on how this game works. I am focusing on efforts on finding deals. If you can do that, I am sure there is a way to creatively finance them.

One option for your permanent residence is the Freddie Mac CHOICERenovation loan. Its a 5% down program on owner occupied properties that will bundle in the rehab costs, very similar to an FHA 203k loan. This may be a great way to get your home will building equity right from the jump.

Good luck on your journey!