Can I sell my home with Subject to liens contracts??????????????

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Hello Bigger Pockets

I bought my property in Jacksonville FL through a tax deed auction. I have a realtor that told me that I am unable to sell my home unless all violation (nuisance lien) is taking care of which total up to $3200. My question is can I still sell my home with the code violation with a "subject to" contract and if I can, how can I obtain that contract addendum to send to my realtor?

Its a 3 bed room 1 bath room condemed property. Located in 1873 E 27 St Jacksonville FL , 32206.

Please Advised me on this problem Bigger Pockets member!!!!

You can sell anything to anybody, however a licensed real estate broker probably won't be willing to participate in this type of sale since the probability of being sued or reported to the real estate commission is very high.

Obviously a sale to a knowledgeable investor rather than an owner occupant is much different.  The state  earnest money contract can be used, in the other provisions section write in sale is as is where is and list the liens that are existing as well as property status as to condemnation.  To avoid potential lawsuit you may want to engage the services of a real estate attorney to provide specific disclosures in the sale docs.

oh ok thanks.... Where can I obtain an as is contract and the lawyer to put in the clause?

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