Transferring deed between family members

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Hi everybody....I'm new to the forum, so thanks in advance for your help.  I did a search and saw a similar question asked on here, but it was sadly unanswered.

My situation is this...I am looking at a foreclosed investment property that is likely to receive multiple offers, so I'd like to come in with a competitive offer.  Although I am pre-qualified on a loan & can make an offer with financing, I recognize that the seller would likely find an all-cash offer more attractive.  My parents have more than enough funds to make a cash offer on this place and are willing to do so on my behalf (with the understanding that I then pay this loan back to them).  If my parents were to successfully purchase this property in cash, would it be difficult to then transfer the property into my name?  Would there be tax implications for them?  Thanks!

@Ryan McNeill In order to avoid any potential issues with the IRS, simply handle this as an investor obligation to your parents. Form an LLC, have your parents contribute the capital to the LLC. You will all show as Members, but the LLC will have an equity obligation to your parents. The LLC Operating Agreement can specify the terms of that repayment, and your parents could be Owner Members (voting) or non-Owner Members. The net result is that the property is then purchased in the name of the LLC, of which you are a member.

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