Has anyone executed a seller financed deal in Atlanta?

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Hello Community,

   I am looking into investing in a duplex in Atlanta that has approximately 2% RV ratio. I am thinking about proposing a seller financing option given that I don't qualify for a conventional loan because of my loan to income ratio.  Has anyone successfully done a seller financed deal in Atlanta and would be willing to offer their guidance?

  Thanks in advance,


Jason, I doubt there is anything unique about Atlanta notes, I believe GA does have some restrictions as to installment transactions, L/Os, seems someone mentioned that about GA.

Might get with J. Scott, he's from the area.

As to seller financing, start reading the forums, finance section, you can ask any specific question you like, just pay attention to who you listen to concerning financing.

Check out the key word feature, I have seller financing listed. Good luck :)

I've done two, but as @Bill Gulley  points out, GA isn't very different from other states given the circumstances.  There are some GA rules for non-investor buyers.  

First bit of advice, get a back up plan for buying with cash.   You'll want to show the seller the difference options for selling to you as cash-buyer or with seller financing.

Key negotiating topics are:

Purchase price

Periodic Payments

Down Payment

Interest Rate on the loan

Balloon timing (if any)

Closing costs

Feel free to PM.


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