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What does "subject-to" mean? And how does it fit into the picture of creative real estate financing?

@Joshua Chen take my advice or leave it...

BP is full of people willing to share their expertise and insight, but you really should spend some time researching topics before asking someone else to take their time and write another explanation for you.  This particular topic has been unpacked on the forums, blogs and podcasts in great detail.  You posted similar questions on LOs and mob homes.  As you learn more, you will undoubtedly have questions about advanced techniques and people will gladly help you, but spend some time on your own research first.

I'll take your advice

@Joshua Chen 6 weeks ago I couldn't spell real estate.  But after reading about 450 blogs and listening to 30 podcasts and reading a few books that is starting to change.  I highly recommend multiple approaches to education:

1) BP blog category "starting out".   Something like 1500 archived blots

2) BP podcasts - 118 or so archived, plus comments and links in /showN

3) Many podcasts have reference to good RE and business books.  Get em & read em

4) Attend local REI club. Google will help you find one. Meet people and ask questions - folks are really helpful.

Best advice is getting attorney and ask what the courts will say if you have a problem in lease options with sellers or buyers

there's issues in North Carolina theres issues in Texas there's issues wherever you go and your attorney can guide you

The key is not being a one trick pony and learning every legal way there is to buy or sell property with or without banks

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