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anyone know of any good sources for private money have a deal brewing and no cap to get it done let me know please 

its in the ct ny area 

@John Oitice  I moved this from Investor Deal Diaries to this thread where you might get more feedback. However; in order to find lenders, it takes giving a lot more information on the property than you have given. An investor wants to know the specifics. 

  • Location of property
  • Type of property
  • Current price
  • Value upon rehab
  • Your experience

Also, in order to advertise for money on a specific deal you will need to be a paid member and place the ad in Marketplace forum. However; it's ok for you to have a post like you have for general information and advice. 

I would also suggest that you upload a profile pic so that people can see who they are dealing with. The truth is coming onto a website and posting for money when you're new, and nobody knows anything about you is no different than walking out into the street and asking someone for a loan. The devils in the details. Good luck. 

hey sorry been a bit busy I will be joining paid most likely today and also I was not necessarily looking for money in here just kind of looking to be pointed inthe right direction 


This post has been removed.

Private lenders are just that - Private.  They lend to you because they know and trusts you.  So talk about what you do to everyone you know.   When someone shows interest you can move the conversation towards how they can benefit by working with you

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