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Hi everyone,

I have several options available to me right now to purchase a multi family (preferably a triplex or quad) that I'm trying to sort through. Options are good, but I also want to do what's best for me to reach my goals!

1) If I go for an FHA loan, is it possible to refinance into a conventional loan prior to the year of owner occupancy ending?

2) If I receive help from a private party for the down payment and/or cosmetic rehab, would you split monthly rent profits by the percentage of initial financial assistance?
Would you pay them back plus a certain amount of interest once refinancing?
I may need help at the start, but don't necessarily want to be financially tied for the duration of the rental.

3) Is it possible to obtain an FHA loan and not rent out one of the units, but continue living part-time cheaply with my parents, or would that constitute mortgage fraud?

Thanks everyone!

If you go with the FHA loan you will have to live there. You would also be required to live there for a year before moving out. You can refinance out at some point to get rid of the PMI. There are specific rules regarding receiving a down payment gift you will need to research. Hope that helps!

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