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Is there an ebook or a long post that explains multiple scenarios of creative financing and pulls it all under one roof.

I read the reviews of @Brandon Turner 's ebook (which looks great by the way), but it looks to focus on the low or no money down approach.

I'm looking for a "how to" on multiple creative ideas, what to look for when sellers tell you their financial situation, scenarios, etc.

Anyone know of anything?

Sorry, I should have focused that more. 

How about creative ideas in financing for wholesalers when sellers throw out different scenarios (upside down, foreclosure, they don't know what's owed, this is my mother-in-law's and she is incapacitated, etc.)

I would recommend "The Financial Numbers Game" Great Read that's easy to comprehend. 

You can give me the scenario and I'll give you the best way an or several ways to go

@Bill Jones

That may be a good idea just to throw it out to the Bigger Pockets forum and see what happens.

But, I'd also like something that will give me a way to think quick on my feet.

Yes by Charles Mulford. Great Read. 

Another one I recommend is "Creative financing of Real Estate" By James a Misko. 

@Brian Gibbons

Which Brian did a brilliant job helping with creative financing and lease options.  Thanks Brian.

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