Home Equity Loan on Quit Claim Deed Home

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Hello All,  

I own a home (in an LLC) with my father. We purchased the home with 25% down and have owned it for 3 years. We have some other business interests and we're interested in extracting some capital from the rental. Unfortunately, the home's mortgage is held in our names, and I performed a quit-claim deed to move the ownership into the name of the LLC.

My question - how can I (legally) get a home equity loan to tap into my 25%+ capital?  Can I approach a (different) bank and ask for a home equity, without disturbing the current mortgage (since I did a quit-claim)?  Any other thoughts?  Prior experience?


With most lenders a HELOC is for your Home, not an investment property. Aside from your title issue, HELOC's generally top out at 80% of value, so you likely couldn't pull much out anyway. Talk to your local bank.