Looking for creative financing ideas for multi-family property.

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Happy Father's Day to all our BP fathers out there.

I am getting ready to transition from active duty military to self-employed civilian. I have run into a complication I was hoping I could avoid. I am having some trouble using my VA loan as lender's are afraid of the insecurity self employment brings.

I am looking at several multi-family properties in the Clarksville, TN area.  I do not have any under contract but am looking at about $200,000 for a quad. 

Does anyone have any self-employed lenders or any creative buy and hold financing advice, experience or referrals?

While using my GI bill I will get between 3-4k per month not including my self employed income or the income the property will generate. 


Kameron Patterson

Hi @Kameron Patterson -

Happy Father's Day and additional and, perhaps most importantly, thank you for your service.

One quick clarifying question - do you have some capital of your own to put into any acquisition you pursue?

Well thank you for your support @Geoff Anderman

I have respect for all you fathers out there.  Fortunately I do not have any kids yet.

I have been preparing for the 0% down payment loan backed by the VA. But to answer your question I do have some capital but as a small business owner I do not have a lot of capital.

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