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Good evening everyone,

 We have a unique situation. We moved from Chicago to Gatlinburg Tennessee in October. We currently own our home free and clear. We paid cash. We also own 3 overnight vacation rental cabins in Gatlinburg of which 2 are free and clear. We live off the income from the cabins. 

I am looking for a lender who will give me a loan. Our credit ratings are 814 and 790. No lender seems to understand our situation. We are looking to lend off either the 2 paid for cabins or our own home. 

Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

Thank you

So you are looking to do a cash out refi is that correct or you cant find a lender to make you a loan in general?  I might have a lender you can contact, send me a PM and I will pass my lender along to you. 

Hi Robert,

Marc Simpson with Peak Choice Capital. We finance investment properties throughout the midwest which includes investment RE positioned in TN. This pertains to both fix/flip and rentals but excludes owner occupied properties. We may be able to assist you with this deal but we'd have to understand the rental income since it may be seasonal and clarify if we would consider these properties "Rural" or not. Overall from what you've provided, it's seems pretty cut and dry.


Marc Simpson

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