How do I do my own title search?

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Simplest way is to call or go to the Register of Deeds office and ask them to show you how to search the Land Records. I'd go back at least 2 previous owners or 20 years...whichever is longer. Are you familiar with the different documents you need to be looking for and how they work?

In that case, you probably shouldn't be doing your own title search. Contact a local title company or real estate lawyer and work out a volume price for your searches. Good luck.

Mostly certainly you shouldn't be doing it yourself.   My title company will do it for free but this is after repeat business.  Here is MD you can check tax records and lies records online.   I use this to see if there are outstanding taxes or to guesstimate what is owed on the house. Could start there. 

hi zion. let me give you a quick education on how you can do this. first, let me say that doing it yourself is not a great idea. yes, you can learn how to do a pretty good job, but the experts are the experts, thats why you pay them. that being said, here is a basic education. go to the record of deeds office or county clerk or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. sit down on a computer and plug in the address. look for anything and everything to do with that house. look for liens especially. after you find any open liens for the last, lets say 50 years, look forward for lien releases for each and every lien. if you find the releases, then those loans/ liens are finished and will not be a problem, unless something stupid comes up on them where someone signed in the wrong spot or the date is wrong or something like that. anytime someone places a lien on a house, be it a mechanics lien or loan or back taxes, they have to file paperwork with the county to do so. it will be recorded. anything that is open and has not had a release of lien, is still a valid claim against that house. simply put, the complications involved here, especially if you have never done this before, is exactly why you pay an expert to do it for you. good luck

I have decided that I will be using a mortgage attorney to write out the entire deal. It will cost me about $1000 when it's set and done (her doing everything including the closing) but after researching it seems its a no brainer especially for my first deal. Thanks everyone who responded!