What are my creative financing options?

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Right now, my wife is an on-site property manager for a pretty nice 107 unit apartment complex. We have to live here on the property, so some little-money-down options for financing (like FHA loans) are out. What are some other options for financing options for someone in my position who can't be an owner-occupant? Thanks!


@David Grimm Try searching the site for the phrase "Creative Financing" or read @Brandon Turner's "...No money down..." book. Off the top of my head I would say you can still look into doing lease options/ JV's/ etc; basically any creative financing besides House Hacking :) Good luck!

Your goal is to buy the 107 unit property? Get cozy with the owners and try to involve them in the financing. After that make sure you can step your management game up and get those units performing so you can meet your debt service!

Sorry @Neal Collins, I don't want to buy the 107 unit property (at last not yet!), I just live here now. But because we have to live on site for my wife's job, we can't move out.

Ohh okay sorry! I didn't understand the question. I would hardly consider FHA creative finance. You have so many options to get in the game it's not even funny. Just be happy you have a place to live! It all starts with finding a property owner that wants to sell and seeing if you can work something out that works for both of you. Best of luck! Don't forget to start planting seeds about that 107 unit if it's a mom and pop type of operation... That's a long game though.

Thanks @Neal Collins, I'll definitely start talking with the owner at least to get my foot in the door. My wife knows him really well, so maybe we'll take him out to lunch one day.

And thank you @Gerardo Dominguez for the good tip! I've started looking around and seen there is already a ton of information on the forums. Thanks for your response!

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