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Hello everyone.  I'm preparing to pickup some properties for my own portfolio and decided to check with Lima One Capital since it seems like they have a pretty good fix and flip loan program, as well as a great long term hold loan program.  Problem is, they are taking forever to get back to me.  I turned in all of my information to be pre-approved, and I have no doubts that I qualify, but I still haven't heard anything back from the underwriter handling my file, or the loan officer working with me.  I checked with them a couple of times, only to be told they would "get back to me as soon as possible."  It's going on 3 weeks now.  Has anyone else experienced slow turn around with Lima One pre-approval, or is this long wait to be expected.  I'm thinking of just contacting Lendinghome.  They seem to be comparable, but reviews say that they may be slow as well.


@Michael Hayes I've had a rather pleasant experience with Lima One.  Just give them a call and talk to the person you are working with.  All are very responsive and knowledgeable.   

@Michael Greene thanks for the response.  I finally got in contact with them and got approved.  That's what was so baffling to me.  I've read so many positive experiences, and even after calling a couple of times, it seems my file was still being pushed to the side.  One of the heads of Lima One saw this post and made everything happen next day.  I'm going to guess the underwriter was just backed-up with work.

I'm hoping one of the heads of Lima One sees this and can push my deal along.  I experienced trouble with a newer employee they put me with and cost me three weeks on a new construction deal.  Now a slight snag with title that was corrected and contact at Lima One does not seems be be receiving documentation from me or the title company slowing down closing.  Think I might need to contact JVC to close it.  I like the Lima One story though.

How did you make out Michael?

@Mike Behan I haven't closed anything with them yet, but I was pre-approved after speaking with @Justin Thompson .  He was able to sort everything out and get my file pushed through.  You may want to check with him.

Same Problem here,  It's almost three weeks, I have submitted all the required documents for pre-approval process to Lima One,  no answer yet ,though I have contacted the agent few times. I am more than qualified according to their criteria. If this is the case, I am worried about their turnaround time to fund  a property. Anyone Knows? I choose this company because of their flexible loan program. In the Dallas-forth area, there are companies that pre-approves in 24 to 72 hours. I just don't want to apply to multiple companies & lower my credit score. I  want to get an answer from Lima One first.

Finally got my pre-approval after talking with the agent. I don't know what took so long. I just hope their loan processing will be faster. Will let you know.

@Abu Zubair that's good to hear.  I know they were getting overwhelmed with request after introducing the new program at one point.  Hopefully they'll get everything smoothed out soon.

The only reason I even considered this company after receiving numerous offers was because the founder was a fellow Marine. After going back and forth with an inexperienced "operations analyst" I decided it was no longer worth the hassle. I can only speak from my experience so I hope others will have a better one than I did.

Wow - I wish I had seen this post...

We are closing in a week and they have taken so much of our time, we had to extend our closing and now they are talking about backing out! I would be extremely cautious if you are working with these guys - I will say that we worked through an independent broker but our experience has not been good. This not only has hurt our relationship with our broker but also with our agent, the closing attorney and HUD. Being that my husband and I are both from military families, I am disappointed to hear that this company is being run by a fellow serviceman.

When working with ANYONE - please get everything in writing and get recommendations!

Anyone in the Charlotte/Rock Hill area that is a private lender, we would prefer to speak with you so we have someone we can meet face to face!

@Linda King what reason did they give you for wanting to back out?  I am currently looking at properties to close with them and would hate to have something go wrong.

I was cashing out on two properties with them, completed the appraisal process still being placed on hold. Once I got a better offer I decided it wouldnt be fair to just backout of the deal so I closed with another company on one and was waiting on them to complete the other. After a few weeks they said they couldnt do the deal due to me using my Thrift Savings Plan account for proof of funds to close. Never had that issue, but oh well. They refunded my apprraisals so I'm happy. $900 back in my pocket and two appraisals. Lesson learned. Semper Fi

I was cashing out on two properties with them, completed the appraisal process still being placed on hold. Once I got a better offer I decided it wouldnt be fair to just backout of the deal so I closed with another company on one and was waiting on them to complete the other. After a few weeks they said they couldnt do the deal. They refunded my apprraisals so I'm happy. $900 back in my pocket and two appraisals. Lesson learned. Semper Fi

It appears that they are  taking on more business than they can handle. 

I have had a very pleasant experience so far. Took about 2 1/2 weeks to close on a SFR in South Suburban Chicago. My rep Demetrius Cobb was diligent and super communicative. It was an REO so he was back and forth with the bank attorneys and title company making the process virtually stress free for me.

I just requested my first draw yesterday.

@Walter Myers Hello. Have you finished the rehab? Were there any issues after the first draw?

@Dom Allen Behind schedule on the rehab. That never happens, right?

But we just did our second draw on Thursday of last week. Inspector came out on Friday, we had the wire on Tues. There has not been an issue. 

I was working with a broker and got a Lima One EOC dated 1/18/2017 and had the understanding that Lima One would do a Rental 30 loan on 6 of my properties (the address list was shared beforehand). I immediately applied on 1/19/2016 only to receive a revised EOC saying that they only could do one of my property because of certain property criteria. Considering the time and effort to pre-coordinate and share the address list upfront before applying, I'm disappointed that Lima One switched/changed what was discussed after I applied on their website, based off the EOC I received from them working with my broker.  I'm very disappointed, when I called Lima to ask why the change the analyst on the phone made up some story that last week we were doing those type of portfolio loans but not anymore. He wasn’t aware that I just received an EOC from Lima just the day before 1/18/2017 for my properties and all the precoordination.  Feels like a bait and switch and that I wasted my time coordinating upfront upfront beforehand.

@Andre M. you may want to contact someone higher up on the chain.  Justin who is on this thread a little further up was able to address some issues and get the ball rolling when I applied to them a while back.

I just applied with them last night, got off the phone with the loan officer few minutes ago. So far no issues but i'll submit all my documents and see how long it takes to get a pre-approval with them. the rep said it takes 24 hours to get pre-approved. not too impressed with that as the competitors I've talked to will give you same day approval provided you turn everything in before noon. Will keep you all posted.

Can someone comment on what the initiation charges are like with them? like points, fees, minimums etc.

I spoke with someone about a week ago. From what I understand, they will loan up to 65% of the ARV (you will have to put 10% of the loan about down), 3.5 points.

Give them a call though. They are very helpful on the phone.

Even though this an old thread, maybe posting here will help. @Justin Thompson maybe you can help me as well? I submitted all of my documentation earlier this week. I've called and emailed a few times with no response. I would at least like an ETA on pre-approval or if the decision is no, that would help so I can move on. I have a contract ready to go, my realtor just needs proof of funds. It hasn't been weeks, but I thought it would be quicker since this is a time-sensitive business. 

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