For those who do subject to loans, can you offer any advice or experience for the following?

I have come a cross a few deals that I could not get due to not fully knowing the subject-to world. I thought that if I ever got a subject-to deal called on, I could extend the deadline for atleast a few months. Would the following plan work?

Month 0: I purchase a property via a land contract for a fraction of what it is worth and have a title agency do the closing.

Month 9 or 10: I have a deed recorded.

Month 12: I refinance through a lending institution.

Would a typical bank refinance in this scenario? I have talked to a few banks, and they said that they would want a warranty deed before doing a refinance. I wonder if this solution would lower my risk of a loan being called due, and meet the requirements of the lender doing the refinance. As always, thanks.