Full asking Price with large seller concessions?

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Hi all!

 I'm looking at a triplex on offer @ $135,000.  Rents for $2000 a month full occupied, and has not had a single vacancy in 7 years.  Literally not one month in 7 years. Tenants pay all electric, gas, water, and trash.

The building itself is 200 years old next year, but everything has been updated in the last 7 years, to include all big tickets such as roof, furnace, and electrical/plumbing.  

Taxes= $2500 a year

Insurance= Assume $800 a year (not sure, i have a 6 unit for $2200 a year but residential should be less right?)

10% for management = -200 (month)

10% for repairs/maintenance/CAPEX= -$200 (month)

10% for Vacancy/CAPEX= -$200 (month)

leaves $1400 a month for DSCR

full price - 20% Down +taxes + insurance @ 3.5%/30 years = $777 PITI (round up to $800)

leaves $600 a month cash flow.

This deal meets my criteria, so my goal now is to figure out how to have as little out of pocket here as possible.  What I'm thinking is offer full price by request 16% sellers concessions, 10% for closing costs + part of down payment, 6% for repairs/cap ex (new paint carpets etc)

Would this work?  Has anyone ever offered OVER asking price, so instead offer $145,000 maybe %20 sellers concession etc?

Again my goal is to try for as little out of pocket as possible on this, any creative ideas?

"leaves $600 a month cash flow"  are you happy with this?

Take 600*12 and divide by your down payment - - this is your cash-on-cash return.

Are you happy with that as an ROI?

Sorry i guess my numbers were confusing a bit, thats $600 a month in cash flow x 12= $7200 a year.

 Monthly income of $2000

-800 PITI

-200 PM

-200 Vacancy/Capex

-200 Reapirs/Maint/Capex

I'm adding the CApex in there not seperately mainly because there wont be any real vacancy, again not a single unit for a month in 7 years was vacant.

btw: DSCR is a fraction, not a $$$ figure

DSCR 1.53
NOI / Mortgage Payments

it is used to qualify for a commercial loan (ie 5+ units) and ranges from 1.1 -> larger.  These loans are  always ARMs.

Some banks require 1.3. DSCR, Vacancy factor and reserves do NOT enter into your cash flow analysis.

As a triplex, you could also apply for SFR type of loan which could be fixed rate.