Friend has lots of $$ to invest.

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I have a friend with lots of money to invest. I don't necessarily need his help to secure funding, but it could make things easier. Can someone suggest a partnership between my friend and I where I can get the cash-flow benefit of owning properties, and he can shelter/get some tax benefits out of putting his $$ in real estate?


The easiest would be to buy houses below market value, rehab and sell. The problem with that is your friend will not get much if anything for tax benefits. However, your friend can get a nice return on his money if you have a prearrange amount agreed to. You can have him be a money partner where you do the work and he supplies the funds when needed.
They're a number of different sites where you can find houses below market value and make contacts. If you email me I can give you the name of one of those places. Also, when you are ready to sell I can qualify buyers for you with a no money down loan, imperfect credit not an issue(I have a friend who is a Loan Officer) this will allow you to reach people who due to lack of money or credit feels they can't buy a home. He doesn't service all states, but the houses I know of are all in one of those states that he services. By the way, would your friend be willing to add one more person to his investment resources?

The best advice to give you. Is to seek a professional CPA / Tax Advisor. If I were you I would strike for something big. Such as commercial property. Think big, bigger than you can think. Get some other partners in to help you think.

I have a project that I am in with 9 other investors. It's a $425 million dollar project. We already have investors investing large amounts of cash. But all we need is like $170K down. I am not saying do what I do. But I would say strike big & think in long term for all of the people that would be in your project. Also I would advise you to right out a business plan with several failure strategies. If you do, I would advice you to read the book the "ABC's of Real Estate Investing" forwarded by: Robert Kiyosaki.

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