I've spoken to quite a few lenders at this point and worn out google pretty well too.  Even read some entries on this forum and I seem to keep getting conflicting answers.

I'm looking to make an offer on a property in GA, it's a tri-plex (two 2br units and a carriage house). We're happy to make a 5 - 10% down payment on it and we will be owner occupying one of the units. Is FHA our only option? Or is there a Conventional/PMI option?

Quicken Loans said no problem on 5% so long as it's 4 units or under.  A broker I spoke with today say 20% for conventional only.  Another lender at a local bank was totally unsure.  

I assume this is a common problem, I've seen several threads on it here but people respond both ways -- are the rules different state to state?  Is it a Freddie/Fannie thing?  I.e. if people can't sell it Freddie/Fannie they don't want to do it for less than 20 or ?

Someone please give me a definitive answer so I can figure out what my estimated payment will be :)

Even better would be a link to some guidelines online.