I won a Cash only Auction.com I used the ready fire aim approach

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So I was watching an auction on an occupied duplex. The opening bid was 17.5k with a reserve. ARV is 105k. Rents are 550 ea. It needs some updates but livable. Bids were at 60k and reserve was not met. So I said why not and bid 61k. Thinking all along the reserve had to be set way higher. Low and behold I won!! Yeah!! But now I need to pay for it. I could empty my investment reserves and tap into my personal savings but was hoping the BP community could offer me some other opportunities. I will use the BRRRR method as soon as the bank will refi me but do not want to run that thin on capital if I do not have to. Any help with private financing, hard money lenders, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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you can figure away to do it. Talk to your lender and and title company.  You just have to execute. They won't pay for extended coverage, or to record your mortgage, but cash is cash no matter where it comes from.

auction dot com won't allow a loan, your best bet is line up an investor so you can put equity after you close cash. Also if you are planning on flipping you should get a title binder as well.