Portfolio Lender in Kentucky

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Does anyone have any recommendations on portfolio lenders in Kentucky?


@Reece O'Bryan

I use South Central Bank and Independence Bank.Not sure if they have branches in Bardstown or not. Both are user friendly and have helped us

Hey Bryan,

So they are both portfolio lenders?
This is probably an obvious answer, but wouldn't they loan on any property in Kentucky regardless of branch locations?

I'd also appreciate any information on obtaining a HELOC from them if you have done so.



In this area of Kentucky you can also try The Cecilian Bank headquartered here in Elizabethtown. Contact is Allison Baumgardner in the commercial loan department. They can do HELOC's.

As for local banks that do lend commercial on portfolios it has been my experience here that although they handle loans in house and can be more flexible than the national banks they will have regional areas that they like to stay in to lend for various reasons, i.e., knowledge of borrower and real estate market, use of their local attorney's for foreclosure if needed, etc.

@Reece O'Bryan

Some of the loans they make are kept in house for their own benefit,while some may also be sold.So technically I guess that makes them a portfolio lender.They both are smaller regional banks that I think just operate in Ky.. They are flexible,creative in loan applications, and more investor friendly than larger banks.In my mind that qualifies them as portfolio lenders, not just the fact that they keep some loans in house.

They may loan on any property in Ky, not sure about that.Reason mentioning branch in your area is that would make it easier and probably ensure working with you.South Central has office in Glasgow,Owensboro,Lexington, and maybe others.Independence has more locations and may be more accessible for you. Private message me if you want contact info for loan officers I use at both locations.

As far as HELOC is concerned, I have not used them for such purpose yet, but will pursue in future because of the fiasco we went thru with PNC.Not user friendly and appraisal process was something to be desired.PNC puts no value on any acreage over 5 acres that your house sits on.First 5 Acres was valued at half its true value.8 acres more they gave 0 value.This was for our personal residence, not rental property.Needless to say I was not happy with the appraisal.Don't have HELOC on any rentals.Thanks

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